Put Down That Weapon...
Put Down That Weapon...

Put Down That Weapon...

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Honor the loss and destruction of people taken by gun violence with this "Put Down That Weapon" pendant.

Poignantly crafted with a brass or nickel 9mm shell casing. Use these as a pendant instead of a weapon!

Each casing contains a bloom of 3 flowers representing the life, liberty and happiness taken by gun violence.  

Each shell will not be used for bullets anymore but for a silent reminder of loss.

Set with red white and blue stones to celebrate America and the fact that as Americans, we will overcome the struggles that seem to make gun violence a viable alternative for people.

Pray for the lost....

All items come on an adjustable premium chain. Sterling for silver options and white gold for solid gold options.

images are CGI some variations in product color and appearance may be possible


a portion of the proceeds from each sale will be given to the charity of your choice. Note this charity at check out.