We Buy & Re-Purpose Gold!

As gold reaches historic highs in the marketplace,  now is a perfect time to turn your old or broken jewelry into CASH!!!



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 Imagine taking the old memories, those special items and creating something brand new!


We are a  Gold Certified Sustainable Business.  We love being Green and are proud to do our part in recycling gold and precious metals!
We support artistisinal mining and sustainable processes in diamond mining around the world.  
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At Paul Michael Design We have been serving Pittsburgh and communities around the world for a over a decade! Our reputation is only matched by our creativity and willingness to treat you like family every time.

We are sure we will give you the best value for your precious items or create a new heirloom that will last for generations!

Old Ring into a new Pendant!


Two old rings into one knockout ring!

Mom's old bridal set into well... WOW!!!