Make Your Own

We Now offer a new full contact jewelry making experience!!!
Have you ever gone shopping and well, Just felt empty when you got home...  At Paul Michael Design, Our mission is to "Re-Invent Retail!"
Imagine having a hand in the creation of that special piece of jewelry.
The emotional value of an engagement ring, a mother's pendant, that promise ring is often more valuable that the cash paid out.  Imagine being able to take part in the process. Imagine learning what it takes to be an artist. Imagine what his/her friends will say when they found out You made it!!!!
So,  How does it work?
1) We have an interview to discuss the expectations and budgets.
2) The design Phase can take a week to ten days depending on vision.
3) Help me design the final model and help with the 3d Printer and model

4) Help me secure the diamond or gemstone live in the marketplace.
5) You will pour the hot molten metal from the crucible into your master mold.
6) You will break your masterpiece from its plaster and begin the process of making it beautiful.