Insurance Services

It doesn't matter if you are a small independent insurance broker or a multinational fortune 500 Insurance company.

Paul Michael Design can help you serve your clients better. 

We are Jewelry Experts- Valuation, Forensics, Quality, Appraisal, Restoration and Manufacturing.

Serving Insurance Companies With Knowledge, Expertise, and Value...

Our claims management process is as "High Tech" as you are comfortable working. We manage paper claims, Electronic BBS claims as well as new technologies including Trello and Bit Bucket claims management interfaces. Heck,  I have even managed claims using Snap-Chat and Facebook Messenger.

That Being Said. Our team is prepared to serve the minuet you call.

Paul Michael Design Insurance Services  


  1. Complete a Claim Form

Provide as much detail as possible. Follow this link to download an easy to use claim form for your use and re use. 

DOWNLOAD ME - Google Doc.


  1. Send Form to PMD  Insurance Services
  •  Fax Claim Form and any additional information to 412-697-1416
  • Email Claim Form To-
  • Email All Claim Info To -   and we will email a completed claim form with quotations included.


  • 3. Receive Quote

PMD Insurance Services will message you back promptly with the replecement quote or a plan to independently investigate the claim further. We then define scope and costs availability and projected delivery time.


  1. Replace

With your authorization, PMD Insurance Services

will work directly with the insured in our office locations, over the internet or in their home, to complete the replacement process.

A new detailed appraisal will then issued to the client for re-scheduling. As well as a lifetime warranty on all of our work!


  1. Payment

You will be provided a signed authorization of settlement from the insured stating that the client has received their merchandise and that they are happy with our platinum level service. Along with that will be an invoice tendered either electronically, Through your billing system or via postal mail.


Benefits of Working with Paul Michael Design-

  1. We are a LOCAL, well respected in this space- With over 10 million dollars in claim assistance in the last 10 years, we know what we are doing and how to serve the insured and you as a company.
  2. We Are Experts- Experts at the repair and restoration of fine jewelry. Experts at creating and recreating lost articles with little information. We can get to the bottom of a claim fast. 
  3. We Are Actual Jewelers-  When you choose Paul Michael Design to serve your clients you are getting the best. From A to Z  we manage the process in house by hand actually doing the work.
  4. We are well Reviewed!- 4.9 Stars on Google, 5.0 Stars on Yelp, 5.0 Stars on When you tell an insured that you are sending Paul Michael Design their independent research will show them that you really care.

I personally treat every client as if they were family...   -Paul