Custom Design

Custom jewelry just got more customized...
At Paul Michael Design, we've always been excited about finding ways to let our clients make their pieces entirely their own, from choosing the metals and gems to approving each custom design before it goes to casting.

We're happy to announce two new services that will help you make each
piece even more special: At-Home Molds, and Full Contact Jewelry!

With our At-Home Molds program, we will send you the wax you need to mold and shape your own band, allowing you to leave your individual mark on the piece. We'll send you the instructions and allow you to work with the wax until you're satisfied, 
at which point you'll send it back to us and have it made! 

With In-House Casting, we're inviting you to step into our state of the art design studio and really make the piece your own. Located in the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh, this service will allow clients to come visit us and have a hand -- literally -- in the production of their piece. From approving the design, to learning and taking part in the casting process, this service is perfect for someone looking to propose in a unique way, families creating special heirloom items, married couples looking to commemorate their time together, and anyone else who wants to create a special gift!

Pricing and availability will vary, and questions may be directed to us through our contact page or social media outlets.