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Forever Ledger is a small scale artisan diamond mining Block-chain that follows diamond rough from mine to finger.  It will be used to generate more revenue and recognition for miners and their communities. These funds will help support NGO’s such as the DDI, Heal Africa and Bootstrap Africa build educational  and market opportunities in the participating communities. Such as fresh water, schools, technology integration, education in diamond rough grading, diamond sawing and cutting. I believe as the organization grows our value proposition will be more resources delivered back to the NGOs and the communities that have been exploited in the past by De Beers and the DTC-  This is a social mission for Forever ledger, Not a PR exercise. With scale we can deliver more revenue and impact for the communities and NGOs involved.

After an agreements with the NGOs of choice we will have a standard procedure for all rough delivered from Africa to our American cutting centers.

1- Secure rough from miners.

All Miners will be certified by DDI as meeting our Maendeleo Diamond Standards™ (MDS), as well as additional standards such as community engagement and cooperation.

  • Organize and grade rough purchases.
  • We will pay a premium for this rough.
  • 10-20% over market valuation to assist in the socio-economic elevation of the miners and their communities.

2-  Define placement of datasets into the ledger.

  • Name of miner or team/community that processed the discovery.
  • Need photos of smiling miners who are excited to sell their premium rough to our project.
  • Mobile record keeping and granular definition of rough over 0.50 carats

3- With help of NGO partners.

  • Prepare documented rough for export to America.
  • Define designated ledger masters in each community creating additional jobs for members of the community.
  • Entry into ledger.

4- Sort and organize rough for cutting.

  • Entry into ledger records the unique quality of the rough.
  • The personality traits of each are added into the ledger. Including rough images and cutting process

5- Pre-facet and cleave/saw rough.

  • Plan and execute cutting plan for rough.
  • Note:  Major stone result from rough based on cutting scene and merchandising opportunity.

6- Cut and finish raw diamonds into faceted, finished goods by normal people who are real cutters (not by some crazy ass slave factory in India or China).

  • I want to use only American Cutters, but Israeli or Belgium-based cutters will be accepted as we scale.
  • I would like to create cutting apprenticeships for African miners who are interested in becoming master cutters. I believe diamonds should be sourced and finished on the continent where they are discovered. When ForeverLedger is wildly successful we would want to establish a cutting center in continental Africa for training and a true Mine To Finger Experience.

7- Submit to grading authority.  Have stones engraved and microchipped with Blockchain Data.  Stone is then sealed and prepared for market integration.

8-  Deliver product via e-commerce or retail sales to diamond sellers around the world.

  • These items will be rare and not subject to the commoditization of the typical diamond market.
  • Each Forever Ledger stone  will have the story, content, and exact location of data points in the life-cycle of the diamond as it passes through each stage.

9- Client has the option of altering / amending ledger as it moves forward in their life after being set or secured.

  • Say add the ledger of the PMD recycled gold band that it is set in.
  • Or as the stone is passed from generation to generation, each owner will be in the ledger.

We seek to create a fact-based document of origin for the most special assets in your life.

When the world around you is fake, be rest assured. ForeverLedger…

To Market Strategies-

Keys to Emotional Connections for Consumers

  • Photos
  • Meet your miner(s)
  • Meet their community

  • Name each piece
    • Talk about the rough as a person or object (personalize it)
    • Make the consumer feel connected deeper than just a rock

    • [i.e. Meet your new Forever friend, Octohedron-626. On the planet Earth, he was born during a volcanic eruption that pushed him deep into the ground.  Enough pressure caused for his carbon molecules to crystallize in order to withstand time and circumstance. Octohedron 626 has endured a tireless journey in order to find freedom and appreciation that gives him fervent readiness to be sculpted… faceted to reveal his full potential to shine bright for the world.  No matter what happens, Octohedron 626 will be there for you to endure and persevere through the good and the bad--to witness your bests, your worsts, and all of the same with your future loved ones.]

  • Back stories - mini biographies / profiles
    • i.e. Jaman, from Sierra Leone, lost his leg in the war.  He was tortured and beaten to join the resistance. Miraculously, he survived and is now an alluvial miner.  This job helps him support his family and community. He hopes to send his daughter to university next year.

  • The story is key
    • There are millions of them… the suffering in Africa is endless from war and exploitation. These are stories of entrepreneurship, ambition and hard work in these communities
    • With your purchase you are helping.
    • Here is the proof… the record, the ForeverLedger.
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